iTec Astronómica S.L. is a technological development company specialized in the development and operation of astronomical and scientific instrumentation in general small and large installations.

Our experience developing astronomical instruments dating back to 2003 because of the need for the development of instrumentation for the German-Spanish Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto, from where the first version of one of our main products, ROBODIMM was created. Following these first projects executed for a scientific research center of the first order, and satisfaction shown in all companies and institutions that since then have trusted us have emerged both custom development for these as instruments of public such as patented ASTMON light pollution monitoring , robotic instrument CODE cloud detection and measurement of stellar extinction EXCALIBUR.

Have been landmarks in the history of iTec Astronomical astronomical instrumentation development as professional PLANETCAM in 2014 to the University of Pais Vasco and the spectrograph CAFE in 2010, one of the instruments of greater demand in the Calar Alto observatory .
We offer a complete customer solution , turnkey instrument , able to develop software , mechanical , optical and electronic design, so that the customer only cares about their data.

For this activity include the quality of the staff consists Astronomical iTec , the company has been developing may make available to its customers a highly qualified multidisciplinary team and the advice and assistance of outside professionals proven experience in our various fields. This provides us the ability , professionalism and reliability to offer a wide variety of services such as:

  • development of scientific instrumentation.
  • software development for scientific applications.
  • management, design and implementation of technology projects with scientific objectives.
  • data acquisition consulting.
  • software and systems engineering.
  • science supporting client.

Dr. Jesus Aceituno Castro
Director técnico de iTec Astronómica
Licenciado en C.C. Físicas
Ingeniero Superior en Electrónica





Our guarantee is to satisfy our customers with extensive experience and diversity of developments