The purpose of iTec Astronómica S.L. is to provide comprehensive solutions to scientific institutions and universities that requires a specific instrumental development. Our main objective is offer our customers the hardware and software needed for solving each concrete problem. Talk us about your problems and we will build the instrument that best fits your needs.

Until now, we have developed some instruments which main purporse is to measure the quality of the skies from the astronomical point of view:

   CODE : Cloud sensor

CODE is a is a daytime clouds sensor that is able to generate a map of cloud cover from a color image type provided by a CCD All-Sky camera prepared to outdoor conditions.  Read more...


   ASTMON : SkyBrightness Monitor   PATENTED

ASTMON comprises an AllSky intrument that determines the skybrightness (light pollution) in the Johnson photometric system. A fully automatic software applies the standard pre processing algorithms to any astronomical images as used in the proffesional observatories. We offer portable stations (small and compacts), and permanent ones, providing the same functionality. The instrument can be used as cloud sensor. Ask for quotation or request options for renting here.  Read more...


   ROBODIMM : Seeing monitor

ROBODIMM is a fully robotic instrument that determines the turbulence parameters of the atmosphere using a DIMM method. Once the instrument is correctly installed, an automatic algorithm run all the tasks to measure the seeing, like control the pointing of the telescope, gain control, and perform all the processing tasks needed to obtain a quantitative magnitude of the turbulence. No human being is needed during the normal acquisition procedure.  Read more...


   EXCALIBUR : Extinction monitor

EXCALIBUR is a fully robotic instrument that determines the atmospheric extinction and sky brightness of the sky in 10 diferents bands. All the processes are robotics and drive the telescope to diferent part of the sky. An extinction curve is obtained every 10 minutes.  Read more...


   DOMELIGHT : Calibration unit for AllSky devices



  • High resolution echelle Spectrograph CAFE.
  • Low cost adaptive optics system.
  • Autoguiders.
  • Custom astronomical software.